Bowmanville Rotary Club High School Bursary Program for 2018

The Youth Services Committee of the Bowmanville Rotary Club will be awarding bursaries to five eligible students from Bowmanville High Schools, who will be attending Post-Secondary Institutions in 2018.  Each student will receive a one-time payment of $2000 in July of 2018.  Interested students must submit their completed application forms (found on the menu to the left) to their school Guidance Officers by Friday June 8, 2018.  The Guidance Officers from each school will select one student from their school, based on the selection criteria provided by the Bowmanville Rotary Club.


Successful students will be informed by the Rotary Club by mid-June 2018.


1.   Notes for school Guidance Officers making the student
     1.     Financial Need:                                                      40% 
2.     Community & Extra Curricular Involvement:              25% 
3.     Academic  achievement:                                         25% 
4.     Essay                                                                    10% 
The above Evaluation Criteria should be used when making the student selection.

This bursary program is intended to help students who have greater financial need, hence the weighting of the Financial Need criteria.
For this reason, students that have already received other bursaries should be given lower Financial weighting.
All students that are being considered must have good to excellent Academic records.
Guidance Staff are requested to direct the students to the Rotary website and to assist students, if requested, in completing the application form.
The Guidance Officer is requested to submit the completed application form (including essay, academic transcripts, letter of acceptance to a university, college or apprenticeship, list of bursary awards, etc.) of the selected student, either electronically to Brad Phillips (Director, Youth Services Committee) at: or mail to:
Rotary Club of Bowmanville
c/o Brad Phillips (Youth Services Committee)
P.O. Box 217
Bowmanville ON, L1C 3K9
2.   Notes for Students who wish to apply for this Bursary

If you wish to apply for this program, review all the information related to the program found on this site and then discuss with your school Guidance Officer.
Then complete the application form (found on the menu to the left). Make sure you provide all required information.

Submit the completed application form, including your essay, academic transcripts, letter of acceptance to a university, college or apprenticeship, and list of any other bursary awards to your school Guidance Officer by Friday June 8, 2018.
If you are the student selected for the Bursary award, you will be notified by the Rotary Club by mid-June, 2018.

The bursary winners are required to attend the Bowmanville Rotary Club breakfast meeting on Tuesday July 10th 2018 at 7:15 AM to make a short presentation about themselves and their field of study and to be presented with their cheques. The meeting is held in the auditorium of Trinity United Church, 116 Church St, Bowmanville (located across from the water tower).  Student's parents are welcome to attend the meeting.

Important Note:
Students who fail to provide all the information requested on the application will not be considered for the bursary and those who fail to attend the Rotary meeting on Tuesday July 10th 2018 may forfeit their bursary award.