Posted by Pauline Calvert on Apr 20, 2018
There was an air of anticipation and excitement.  Ideas were flying, some where dismissed some enthusiastically received but all stimulated conversation and future planning.  The shadow board, such an ominous nom de plume, where having their first meeting. 
The team for 2018/19 met at the home of President-Elect John Burns on Thursday April 19th.  In attendance were Vice President Jason VanStiphout, Treasurer Sandy McLean, Secretary Lynda Mayes, and Directors: Kevin Anyan - Public Relations and Branding, Amy Barney - Membership, Pauline Calvert - International Service, Lyle Goodin - Community Service, Steve Kay - Fundraising, Gord Wallace - Club Administration and Foundation Chair, Mike Weatherbee - Youth Service.  All in all a good mix of newer members and senior members.  It was a long meeting but an excellent first step in planning the next Rotary year.  Be excited, be enthusiastic, and remember the Rotary slogan for 2018-2019: “Be the inspiration”