Posted by Lyle Goodin on Feb 01, 2018
On Tuesday January 30, 2018 the Rotary Club of Bowmanville held a special evening meeting to celebrate the life and works of Scottish poet Rabbie Burns.  The evening began with an opportunity to sample the various brews offered by Brock Street Breweries and, in keeping with the theme of the evening, an opportunity to nose, sip, and evaluate the flavours of three exceptionally fine single malt whiskies.  Adding to the experience was the knowledgeable commentary offered by John Burns and Gord Wallace.
The Gathering of the Clans: (L to R) John Burns, Pauline Calvert, John Kay, Steve Kay, and Gord Wallace
Following the social hour, President Reg Freethy welcomed guests and turned the meeting over to our own Scottish lassie, Pauline Calvert, who presided over the piping of the Haggis and presented the address to the Haggis.  President-Elect John Burns offered a Toast to the Haggis followed by Selkirk Grace.
Dinner began with Scotch broth followed by a beef dinner with potatoes and turnip and a helping of Haggis.  Dessert was cake with whipped cream and some Scottish humour provided by Kevin Anyan.
Following dinner, John Burns spoke eloquently about Rabbie Burns; both the poet and the man.  John Kay then offered a toast to all the lassies present and his better half, Tori, replied to the toast. 
Following a little more Scottish humour, those who knew the words sang the traditional Scottish song, The Star o' Rabbie Burns.  Following a few closing remarks by President Freethy, the evening concluded to the strains of Flower of Scotland.  A great evening of fun and fellowship.