Posted by Lyle Goodin on Dec 21, 2018
Major Roy Snow was born in King’s Point, Newfoundland.  He has completed 35 years as an Officer within The Salvation Army.   He and his wife (Major Daphne - retired) served as Corps Officers in Newfoundland, Bermuda and Nova Scotia.  They have two adult children – Royan (Ali) & Rochelle (Billy).  They have one step-granddaughter (Taylor) and one grandson (Liam).
For 17 years Major Roy served in downtown Toronto.  He has administrative experience in Mental Health & Addictions, Social Services and Long Term Care disciplines.  Prior to coming to Bowmanville, he concluded five years as the administrator of the Ottawa Grace Manor. Roy holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Theological Studies and is a certified LTC administrator.  His leisure activities include going to the gym, reading, and watching hockey.
Roy will automatically become a member of the New Member Committee and will also join the Community Service Committee.  Roy's classification is Clergy.
Director of Membership Amy Barney with new member Major Roy Snow