Posted by Lyle Goodin on Mar 11, 2019
The Rotary Club of Bowmanville has made some important changes to its meeting times and now we will be moving the location of our meetings.  Beginning with our Tuesday May 7, 2019 meeting, all meetings will be held at the Clarington Beech Centre.  The Clarington Beech Centre is located at 26 Beech Avenue, Bowmanville ON  L1C 3A2.  View map.
Morning meeting times will continue to be 07:30 AM to 08:30 AM with doors open at 07:00 AM.
We will also be continuing with our evening meeting schedule.  All meetings scheduled for the LAST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH will be evening meetings held at 6:00 PM at The Clarington Beech Centre.  Doors open at 5:30 PM.
If you cannot join us for breakfast, why not consider joining us for dinner at the Clarington Beech Centre.
March 26, 2019:  A special Evening Dinner at Massey House in Newcastle
April 30, 2019:  Evening meeting at Clarington Beech Centre
May 7, 2019:  First morning meeting at Clarington Beech Centre
May 28, 2019:  Evening meeting at Clarington Beech Centre