Posted by Lyle Goodin on Mar 24, 2021
The numbers are finally in for this year's concert to Feed the Need in Durham that was streamed live before Christmas.  It took awhile to tabulate the money that came in from all the different sources.  The concert, of course, raises funds for the agency "Feed the Need in Durham", which distributes food to 62 members across the region -- places like food banks, shelters and other programs.
We're thrilled to announce that our third annual concert netted $20,120!  That's up from $14,000 last year.
For every dollar raised, Feed the Need can distribute 7 dollars worth of food ... so that means that with the funds raised by the concert, Feed the Need can distribute over $140,000 worth of food to our neighbours who need it ... and this year the need has never been greater.
A big "Thank you" to a whole lotta folks who made this happen ... the concert committee who put the virtual show together ... all the sponsors who stepped up ... the Rotary Clubs who got together to help fund the show - six of them from Durham and one from Toronto, with Bowmanville Rotary taking the lead ... the hosts - Ellis and Archer from KX96 and Chris Koppin from CKDO ... and of course, the performers themselves - musicians and dancers from across the Durham Region who donated their time and talent at a time when so many of them are having trouble finding paying gigs because of Covid-19.  Musicians are among the most generous people anywhere.
And finally, to all of you out there who made donations before, during, and after the concert.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You can still donate by the way - now and throughout the year at "Feed the Need in Durham (all one word) .ca".
And if you missed the concert, it's posted on the concert Facebook page.  The easiest way is to click here or you can simply Google "Concert to Feed the Need in Durham Facebook".