District Governor Valarie Wafer supports a challenge to Rotarians in District 7070 to increase the number of registered consents for Organ and Tissue Donation  in the Province of Ontario and in particular in our District.

Just a few facts

  • one donor has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and enhance the lives of seventy five others through the donation of tissue. 
  • currently in Ontario there are more than fifteen hundred people on  the waiting list for a life-saving organ transplant.
  • research shows that many Ontarians think that they are registered but are not.  The result is less than 25% are registered organ and tissue donors.

Our goal is to inspire members to check their status, and either confirm registration or register for the first time.  We hope that they will encourage family and friends to join in the clubs’ initiative.  All you need is your health card and two minutes of your time.   This is the ultimate opportunity for “Service Above Self” with no financial impact on the donor or their family!  For more complete information visit our site page or go to our campaign page to register. 

Hilda Finnigan, Past President of the Rotary Club of Oshawa Parkwood and a volunteer with the Trillium Gift of Life Network will facilitate clubs in participating in this project.  With the assistance of TGLN staff she will report the results of our efforts every three months.